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White Golden Tamari - Premium white soy sauce
White Tamari Label
The golden colored premium soy sauce handcrafted with a long tradition and a natural taste sensation. No GMO ingredients, No MSG, and No preservatives. The high mineral sea salt, Spirit of the Sea is used in the handcrafted, traditional process without heat pasteurization.
White Tamari - Popular white soy sauce
White Tamari Label

The golden colored soy sauce with a long tradition and a natural taste sensation. No GMO ingredients or no MSG, no preservative are used Good at table and also restaurants.

Shiro Tamari
White Tamari Label

Japanese package equivalent to White Golden Tamari


  • 300 ml (10.2fl oz. or 0.64 pt.) table use/retail amber glass bottle with free pour cap
  • 720 ml (24.5 fl oz. or 1.54 pt.) kichen use amber glass bottle with free pour cap
  • 1 liter (2.13 pt.) can for economical, handy use at kitchen
  • 1 gal (3.78 liter) can
  • 18 liter (3.8 gal)
  • 55 gal dram


  1. Flavor profile and functions are different from dark/black soy sauces.
  2. Enhances flavor of cooking ingredients, infusing them for balance. Cooking with white soy sauce provides a greater savory flavor spectrum
  3. Clean, subtle flavor unlike the overwhelming flavor of dark/black soy sauce.
  4. No changing food's original color in seasoning or cooking.
  5. Super-congeniality with natural ingredients like olive oil, white wine, lemon, sea foods, fruits, vegetables, and other natural foods.
  6. No GMO (Genetically Modified) ingredients used.
    No MSG added. No preservatives added.
  7. An excellent, new seasoning to naturally create new flavors and presentation possibilities.


White Soy Sauce vs Dark/Black Soy Sauce
  White soy sauce Dark/black soy sauce
Color: Golden color
darkening with time naturally
Black or dark amber
No apparent change
Flavor: Fruity, fermented flavor Caramel, pungent flavor
Taste: Infusion effect: Extracts original flavor of foods, infusing them, balancing food and the condiment Covering effect: Overwhelms with soy sauce flavor
Saltiness: 16% 16 - 20%
Preservation: No heat treatment for White Golden Tamari. Sanitary process, high salt content and micro-filtration. Often heat packed or with artificial preservatives added.
Shelf life: 1 year for White Golden Tamari, White Tamari up to 3 years with preservatives
Congeniality: Sushi, tofu, olive oil, sea foods, white wine, natural foods. Red meat, BBQ, dark color dishes.


White Golden Tamari - our oremium white soy sauce or White Tamari-our popular white soy sauce; Golden color, clean-savory taste, naturally fermented with wheat as a major ingredient and soy as a minor ingeredient along with salt, condiment/seasoning sauce. No-MSG added, no-preservative added.

Dark/Black soy sauce; naturally fermented with soy as a major ingredient and wheat as a minor ingredient, condiment/seasoning sauce. Som brands are simply by mixing salt, caramel colorant, MSG or other flavor enhancers in water. Often preservatives added for longer shelf life.

Light Taste/Color (Usukuchi) soy sauce; dark/black soy sauce formulated with more water and additional salt. Often mis-concieved as white say sauce because of color.

Shiro=white Dashi; Soup stock formulated mostly with dark/black soy sauce, dried Shiitake mushroom (or its extract). Kombu kelp (or its extract) and Bonito flake (or its extract) in water. Some brands contain MSG or ribonucleotide flavor enhancers. Often mis-conceived as white soy sauce because of color also and term "Shiro/white".

Shoyu; Translation of "soy sauce" in general in Japanese.


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