White Soy Sauces, White Tamari and White Golden Tamari, the golden colored soy sauces with a long tradition yet a new taste sensation. In meal preparation, White Soy Sauce infuses flavors among food ingredients, as a condiment White Soy Sauce infuses flavors among served courses. Excellent with sushi, tofu, sea food, vegetables, olive oil, white wine and many more of your favorite foods.
Characteristics Uses
  1. Different flavor and functions from dark/black soy sauces.
  2. Clean, subtle flavor
  3. Savory taste, enhancing flavor
  4. No changing food's original color
  5. Super congeniality with natural ingredients
  6. No GMO ingredients, No MSG added, No preservatives
  7. New seasoning to create flavors and natural presentation possibilities.
  1. Food preparation to remove unpleasant odors
  2. Cooking without change in color for marinating, flavor enhancing, seasoning
  3. Table use for seasoning, sushi dipping
  4. Spraying
  5. Seasoning in solid or semi-solid form
  6. Quick vegetable pickling
  7. Your unique, innovative creations
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